Teen Halloween Costume Ideas You Can Wear to School

We think that Supergirl is the perfect teen girl costume for you. You’re basically Supergirl because you maintain amazing grades, while exceling in sports, and still finding time to hang out with your friends. Plus, this cute S symbol top, pleated skirt, and cape will give you a heroic look that fellow comic book fans will geek out over!

cute spring outfits

Teen Halloween Costume Ideas You Can Wear to School

You like to travel in a pack, have your creativity stand out, and look stylish on Halloween. You could dress up as a Harry Potter character (we vote Luna Lovegood!) or choose a group costume and go as the cast of Grease, but this year, you want something even more… inspired. Stay creative and adventurous with one of these 52 teen Halloween costume ideas.

Big Bird

Halloween Costume Ideas for Teens

Growing up can be rough, especially the influential teenage years. Not only do you have homework and exams to stress over, but you also have to worry about whether or not your crush will text you back. It’s an awkward time when you’re not quite an adult, but you’re also far from being a kid. We want to make sure that your Halloween experience is just as exciting as it was during your childhood, so pick out the teen costume that you like best and get out there and start celebrating. You may be a little too old to go trick or treating with your friends, but we’re sure that you’ll find your very own way to have fun when you’re all dressed up! And don’t worry, we’re here with the coolest teen Halloween costumes to make sure you’re the best dressed at any Halloween party.

There’s no getting around the pesky dress code at school. You can’t wear short skirts, halter tops, and even tank tops, which are popular features among the cutest costumes for ladies. Don’t get bummed quite yet because we have plenty of Halloween costumes for teenage girls that will give you a stylish look without making you look like your kid sister. We gathered some of our most popular teen girl costumes so browse this section and grab the one that will compliment you best!

50’s Sock Hop Costume


Are you willing to trade in your iPhone for a pair of saddle shoes? If you rather hang out at the sock hop instead of posting on Twitter, then put on your poodle skirt and start doing the twist. This 50s style teen costume comes with a dress, polka dot petticoat, belt, scarf, and an assortment of iron-on letters. Your classmates will look at your retro outfit and wonder if you hopped inside a time machine!

Teen Snow White Costume

Teen Snow White Costume

Super cute Clueless inspired two-piece

This look is very eye-catching, spring bright yellow with streaks of black. You can really enjoy this outfit and you can even wear a short jacket over it for that clueless touch. I know this look is one of the most popular with our readers.

cute spring outfits

Remy and Chef Linguini from Ratatouille

Remy and Chef Linguine Ratatouille costume for friends

Barnacle Boy and Mermaid Man

cute Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy girl costumes for college friends

Devil and Angel

teenage girl best friends dressed up as DIY angel and devil for Halloween

Devil Costume for Dynamic Duo Costumes

Angel Costume for 2 Girls

Elmo and Cookie Monster

teenage girl Halloween costumes with two girls dressed up as Elmo and Cookie Monster

Elmo Halloween Costume Ideas

Cookie Monster Costume Ideas

two teenage girl best friends dressed up as M&Ms for an easy and cute Halloween costume

M&M Costumes for Teen Girls on Amazon

Daphne and Velma from Scooby-Doo

Velma and Daphne costumes for two best friends

Daphne Costume for Two Best Friends

Velma Costume for Teens

Cher and Dionne from Clueless

Cher and Dionne Clueless costumes for two best friends

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