Social Media Sports Advertising Campaign


  • Background

On May 17, 2017 the Electronic Sports League (ESL) counter strike global offensive championship playoff will be held at Melbourne. The ESL is a regional sport league based in Australia which is dedicated to rehabilitating children on the streets and nurturing talents of the young generation (ESL, 2016). As a result of this noble cause, the league has gained famed all over Australia and also in neighboring countries as well.  The league mainly focuses on e-gaming and unknown to many people, this is an example of a sport as well just like regular football. The championship playoffs will therefore aim to introduce electronic video gaming as a sport and as a result try to schedule future championship as such on the Australian and New Zealand sports calendar. A lot of planning will be involved in preparing for the event as there will be a large group of important individuals attending the match. Such individuals include government representatives from the ministry of sporting and recreational activities. Welfare organization will also be in attendance and it is important that the day be a success so as to attract a large pool of sponsors who would be willing to drive us into the next generation of electronic sporting. The event will be held at PAX Australia which is the largest video gaming convention in the southern hemisphere (Wagner, 2016). The management has gone all the way to pull the strings and given gamers a chance to show case their skills in the heart of gaming.

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