Exactly How Many Hours Is Considered Part-Time?

How Many Hours Per Week is Part-Time?

There are a few key differences between full-time and part-time jobs. For example, depending on the employer, part-time positions may not qualify for the same perks and benefits as full-time positions. Fewer hours per week typically results in more flexibility, however, allowing you to work additional jobs or invest in your education.

There are no official federal guidelines that determine whether an employee is considered part or full-time. While the Fair Labor Standards Act establishes legally binding requirements for hours, overtime and wages U.S. businesses must follow, this law does not specifically state how many hours per week an employee must work to be considered full-time.

recognizes individuals working at least 35 hours per week as full-time employees, but this number is for statistical purposes only with no legal meaning. Many employers do, however, use this number as a guideline when developing their policies.

Improve your time-management skills

When you work a part-time job, you have fewer hours during the day to accomplish your responsibilities, which is why part-time hours lend to stronger time management skills. You need to be able to manage your time properly, make smart decisions, and come up with effective solutions to problems to make the most of the time that you have.

When you work part-time hours, you have the opportunity to gain experience and training in a variety of different fields. Some employers may be reluctant to take on a new employee for full-time hours if they’re less experienced. However, they may be more willing to hire a less experienced candidate on a part-time basis if they’re enthusiastic and eager to learn.

Working part-time also makes it possible to work for more than one company at a time, allowing you to gain new experiences and develop new skills that you might not otherwise have had. If you want to move back to full-time hours at a later time, these new skills could make it possible for you to qualify for other types of positions.

Take Away

Part-time jobs are typically a balance to the hours you spend at another full-time job. On average, part-time jobs require less than 35 hours per week. Because of this, they can be flexible, making it easy to work around other responsibilities. Part-time jobs are great if you’re still in school.

In the end, it’s up to you to decide what fits your life the best. Work less if you can, because spending time with family and friends matters the most. And in our opinion, there’s nothing wrong with working a few hours here and there from home.

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