One Major Reason the House of Cards Could Change Your Life

Have you ever heard a story that really moved you? A story that effected you with strong emotion? One that gave you the opportunity to truly feel and relate to someone elses experience.

This just happened to a friend of mine. Its a moving example of how the power of stories can effect people.

Watch online content with educational value

Whenever I watch online content either on Youtube, Hulu or Netflix I am very deliberate in my content selection. I must perceive to the ability to gain or learn something from the program. I must perceive there to be at least the slightest bit of educational value. If I dont see an opportunity to learn at least something from any online or television program, I simply wont watch it. Its not of interest to me.

One show that, without question, fulfills this requirement is The House of Cards on Netflix.

This brilliant series gives the audience a chance to contemplate how decisions are really made in our political environment. It stands as a looking glass into the mind of a man who makes a career out of psychologically persuading and influencing people to his way of thinking. The story follows Francis Underwood, House Majority Whip, through his labyrinth of deception to gain ultimate power within the executive branch.

I recommended the show to a friend of mine because he has always been interested in understanding human psychology. And how it effects our ability to influence others. He took my advice and began watching the first episode that night.

Well, my friend had a very unique experience.

He had lived through the very same experience in the first scene of Season One, Episode 1. He relived it right on screen. He was deeply effected by the story being told. He related to the experience, and therefore related to the show. The story bridged a connection between him and the show.

Life changing story

Below is the the email my friend sent me right after his very unique experience. He details exactly how the story effected him and why:


To: Ian
From: Mike
Subject: Re: quick story (inspired by house of cards!)

Without a doubt I can tell you I love this
show. Matter of fact this show has already CHANGED MY LIFE lmao!

No joke. My life has literally already been changed.

I thought Id just share a quick story on how it has done so. OK, so
the very first scene of the premiere episode has Kevin Spacey calmly,
quickly, and methodically assessing an unfortunate accident with what
to do for a (not shown) yelping dog that had just been hit by a car.
Spacey says to himself/and dog,There are two kinds of pain The
sort of pain that makes you strong, or useless pain, the kind thats
only suffering. I have no patience for useless things. Moments like
this require someone who will act, do the unpleasant thing, the
necessary thing. He then strangles the dog to a horrendous but
necessary death. Spacey doesnt flinch, second guess himself, nor does
he tell the dogs owner how it had to end, just that the dog simply

So check it out. About 4 years ago while visiting my parents I went
outside to the front yard and loaded my car preparing to leave back to
Sac. The front door had remained open and there I saw Jersey the
family dog, our adorable Yorkie, running around my car. With a
watchful eye I kept her close to my side that is until I received a
phone call which I proceeded to answer. No more than 30 seconds
later I hear a treacherous scream-ish sound in conjunction with the
shrieking of tires followed by a nonstop yelping. Jerseys broken body
floundered in the street helpless in pain and confusion. I yelled
NOOOOOOOOO! at the top of my lungs, I ran over to her, spoke a soft
word to her and proceeded to strangle our family dog to her death. I
felt life leave through my hands. I felt the last gasp for air, the
body twitching and yearning to stay alive then motionless death
quietly lay in my hands.

The guilt of her getting ran over on my watch combined with the
numbing feeling of taking life with my own hands really messed me up
the following couple of days.I finally got over it later that week but
ever since it happened Ive been haunted by it. A couple of times a
year I will literally get a flashback and just have to shake it out
of my head and sometimes even jolt a quick scream. Ive always refused
to address what happened and have never willingly replayed the scene
in my head. Anytime a flashback emerges I eliminate it instantly and
try to forget.

Whew bro Man, I replayed that first scene of House of Cards
about 10 times in a row, dissecting the first scene. And after doing
so it helped me finally come to complete peace with what I had to with
ending my dogs life that day. Its was sadly a brutal process of how it
had to be done, but it simply just had to be done. Last night I
vividly pictured and remembered what happened that day, on my own
accord. I addressed the sounds and images that were etched in the back
of my mind and dude, I am at complete peace with what went down. Its
actually quite a relief. Pretty cool.

After 2 minutes of watching the House of Cards. lmao!!!!! I can truly say.

I love that show!!!

The right story can powerfully effect any one of us.

My friend was captivated by this initial scene and touched by it on a personal level. He will continue to watch every episode in the entire season.

Always tell stories

Tell stories through your sales. Create stories for customers to follow and relate to. Weave stories across all your content. Story telling is powerful in all different content mediums. Including blogging, social media, print, ads, video…tell a story.

Youll start making a deeper connection with your customers. Because that story you tell them about how they relate to your product brings them closer. A prospect will remember you if you trigger an emotional response, where they say me too.

What story triggered you to immediately buy something?

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