Content Marketing Strategies for Your Customer Service: Use Content to Increase Sales

What a good chunk of business-owners (especially young ones) fail to understand is that their businesses will fail in spite of the amazing services they provide if they don’t know how to attract and more importantly keep their customers.

There are many tricks they can use in order to increase their sales and coverage, but few are more potent that content marketing. Don’t get it wrong, though: content marketing isn’t about creating blogs that shove your products or services down people’s throats. read more

How to Get Customers Buying by Asking the Right Sales Questions

You already know you need to be asking the right sales questions to get customers buying. You read the articles and the books, telling you how important questions are to making the sale.

The problem is learning how to ask the right sales questions.

Which is more than just merely understanding the importance of asking questions. read more

The Only Sales Strategy Guaranteed to Grow Revenue

You just received guaranteed, proven sales strategy advice on how to sell your product and grow revenue. A generous individual, who so kindly shared their valuable advice, said it was the best and only way to do it if you want to succeed. Then a few days go by, and you meet another generous soul, who gives you their invaluable advice on how to sell your product. They are trusted. Proven to deliver. And guarantee performance. read more

One Major Reason the House of Cards Could Change Your Life

Have you ever heard a story that really moved you? A story that effected you with strong emotion? One that gave you the opportunity to truly feel and relate to someone elses experience.

This just happened to a friend of mine. Its a moving example of how the power of stories can effect people.

Watch online content with educational value

Whenever I watch online content either on Youtube, Hulu or Netflix I am very deliberate in my content selection. I must perceive to the ability to gain or learn something from the program. I must perceive there to be at least the slightest bit of educational value. If I dont see an opportunity to learn at least something from any online or television program, I simply wont watch it. Its not of interest to me. read more

Here’s the Truth Behind Successful Self-Promotion, Can You Handle It?

You will not accomplish anything great if you’re too afraid to tell anyone about it.

But when you have anything worth saying, some people will hate you. Thats a fact. Self-promotion exposes you to ridicule and negativity from the all the haters out there.

Self-promotion is no accident

Every day, we see politicians, business executives, musicians, actors and athletes on TV or in the news. This was not an accident. Every one of them intentionally exposed themselves to the press. They asked for it. They demanded our attention. read more